Review Samsung Galaxy Ace 4

It looks like Samsung, feels like a Samsung, and performs like a Samsung. Therefore there are good reasons for considering using one along with the best rated wireless earbuds for listening to your music on Spotify.

Design Features

The concept behind the Galaxy Ace 4 is simple enough. It is a smaller and less expensive version of the Galaxy Mini S5. It looks almost identical to the Mini S5 and the performance and specs are at reduced levels though not drastically lower.

Samsung had to reduce the screen size to 4.3 inches, they also had to reduce the pixel resolutions by two-thirds so the display is not as good as that of the Mini S5. Compared to other phones the images are blurred, and not sharp enough. Even the extra brightness gained from Samsung‘s AMOLED technology can redeem the screen.

Standard Quad Core fitted

The Ace 4 is fitted with the bulk standard quad core processor which gives it similar performance levels to those of its rivals. Where the processor proves to be inadequate is with the playing of 3D games. A RAM of 1 GB and memory of 8 GB is on a par with other phones in its price range. Fortunately you can boost to a maximum of 64 GB with a micro SD card.

The Android inside is the 4.4 KitKat gives an average performance, where as better performance could make it for its other failings.

Same old Camera

Samsung did not bother to upgrade the cameras from the Ace 3, and that detracts from the over all impact of the Ace 4. Whilst the camera was just about adequate for the Ace 3 it means that the Ace 4 is too far behind its counterparts in terms of quality,

A 5 megapixel camera simply does not cut it in phones of this price range anymore. Perhaps Samsung will learn their lesson in time for the next version.

4G Connections Available

The Ace 4 does connect to 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, as well as bluetooth.

Battery Problems

The battery for the Ace 4 is a real let down, it lacks power, and its life is too short. If you are lucky you may get 11 hours use out of a full charge. For people that have to constantly use their phones it would too unreliable.

Conclusion – spend money on something better

Perhaps Samsung designed this phone in too much of a hurry, they certainly did not seem to spend too much on developing it either. The screen is not sharp enough, the camera is not up to the job, and the battery life is too limited. To be honest you would be better spending your money on the Motorola, Sony, and LG models in the same price range.

The S6 Samsung Galaxy Is The Flagship Of Samsung

Samsung has become one of the biggest names in the Smartphone industry and it seems as though their new Samsung Galaxy S6 will take the world by storm. This sleek and sassy new mobile not only sheds its old all-plastic design which was seen with previous Galaxy models but now sports a beautiful new metal chassis. The S6 Samsung Galaxy does in fact follow a similar design from the Galaxy Alpha but surpasses it and offers much more.

When it was first introduced in March of 2015, most agreed it would become the flag-ship Smartphone of Samsung.

Bringing New Style And Appeal

Standing at just 6.8mm thick, the S6 is actually the thinnest Smartphone made by Samsung to-date and that is some achievement. Nothing has been lost in the process though and if anything, the style is more modern and appealing to all generations. In some instances, the S6 can remind you of Apple’s iPhone however, it really is unique in a sense also. The feel you get from this phone is unusual but great and it feels like this is the number one phone to choose.

The premium feel is great with the strong and durable metal frame and glass body; but the signature style is still there to be admired and enjoyed. The great thing of all is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is so light and takes a step forward rather than backwards. Many manufacturers find it hard to create a better phone in a series but the S6 Samsung Galaxy manages to do just that.


The S6 comes with HD 1440 x 2560 resolution AMOLED 5.1 screen which has to be one of the winning features of the phone. However, the camera is fairly good too with its pixel count. The position of the camera might not be to everyone’s liking but its still effective, providing users with sharp picture and video capabilities.

The phone is overall very strong and durable especially with the Corning Gorilla Glass. This must be one of the toughest screens out there right now. There is also built-in Wi-Fi and comes with Fingerprint Sensors and many more features including:


  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • New Speaker Position
  • OS Android Lollipop
  • TouchWiz User Interface
  • Built-In Music Player
  • Hands-Free Speaker
  • GPS
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Large Memory Capacity


Battery Life And Connectivity

Batteries for Smartphone’s can be at times a bit off however, the S6 Samsung Galaxy is able to offer a fairly good battery life. The battery is small but its able to offer a day or more life capacity which is good. If you play games more often then you may need to charge up more often but for average use, the battery can handle around 24 hours before needing to be charged. However, users should note the battery cannot be replaced which is a very odd feature.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with 4G, the latest high-speed internet connection but it can also support 3G and even 2G so you have lots of options on offer here. However, the GPS is impressive and if you ever need to find your way you can easily use this feature to help you out. The Wi-Fi features are also impressive and there is Bluetooth to use. There is even a micro USB port and audio jack too.

A Strong Market Competition

However, there is still a huge competition between Samsung, Motorola, HTC and of course Apple and that won’t be an easy battle to win. Though, Samsung does have a slight edge since its offering its latest model in a variety of colours such as Blue, White, Black and Gold. There will also be battles between rivals but the S6 Samsung Galaxy will be able to handle most of the competitors out there.


Samsung has once again produced a winner. It is not only able to offer a fair market value for the latest Smartphone but able to offer a whole host of impressive and standout features. Any Galaxy users will enjoy using the latest S6 and its so easy to use as well. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has stepped on screen and will be around for a very long time and will rival the biggest Smartphone competitors.