Best Broadband Companies – But who is the Best?

broadband companies

As the internet market has become very popular, the use of broadband services that used to be a thing for big companies is now accessible to the common man. This has also lead to a proliferation of companies offering deals on broadband services. if you did a search of companies offering this type of services, you will be shocked by the huge database. Due to the huge supplier base, sometimes users can easily get confused.

That said it is important to choose a good service provider to provide your broadband services as this can make a huge difference between an enjoyable experience on the internet and a bad one. Most people spend time watching videos online and having a good connection is paramount. While there are many service providers in this business, some have managed to stand out of the crowd. This article aims to review some of the best UK companies when it comes to the best broadband service.


Complaints about broadband are very common but this is one company that receives the least complaints. This probably due to the fact that they have an efficient customer service that is able to handle customer queries in good time. The company offers a truly unlimited broadband service at just 7.5 pounds a months. This comes with a free skyhub wireless router and access to cloud services and parental controls. For a faster experience, the Sky Fiber Unlimited package that goes for 20 pounds should be taken. However customers will need a line rental of 16.4 pounds per month which does not include free weekend calls.


This is another provider of broad band services that scores high in terms of customer services. When it comes to complaints from customers, they register the lowest. For 50Mbp unlimited package, price begin at 17.5 pounds and this include a free router, free online backup and security. Their line rental stands at 13.66 pounds per month and includes free weekend calls to UK lines.


Most people remember PlusNet as part of BT but they are very independent. Their packages come as a bundle that includes broadband services of 17Mbps unlimited access and free router. They also offer free weekend calls in the UK and McAfee security. Their packages start at 9.99 pounds and when broadband and when line rental is included it starts from 12.99. Customers have the option of taking only broadband services at just 2.5 pounds per month. They also offer another package the Unlimited Fiber package that offers 34Mbpds at 14.99 per month.

BT Infinity

BT may not be the first company that comes to mind when broadband in the UK is mentioned but they do offer some great services including their mobile phone network . Their entry level package BT Infinity I starts at 7.5 pounds and includes broadband at 38Mbps, 20GB usage, free router and wifi hotspot but comes with a line rental of 14.16 pounds per month. The unlimited usage package at 76Mbps goes for 25 pounds