Review Samsung Galaxy Ace 4


It looks like Samsung, feels like a Samsung, and performs like a Samsung. Therefore there are good reasons for considering using one along with the best rated wireless earbuds for listening to your music on Spotify.

Design Features

The concept behind the Galaxy Ace 4 is simple enough. It is a smaller and less expensive version of the Galaxy Mini S5. It looks almost identical to the Mini S5 and the performance and specs are at reduced levels though not drastically lower.

Samsung had to reduce the screen size to 4.3 inches, they also had to reduce the pixel resolutions by two-thirds so the display is not as good as that of the Mini S5. Compared to other phones the images are blurred, and not sharp enough. Even the extra brightness gained from Samsung‘s AMOLED technology can redeem the screen.

Standard Quad Core fitted

The Ace 4 is fitted with the bulk standard quad core processor which gives it similar performance levels to those of its rivals. Where the processor proves to be inadequate is with the playing of 3D games. A RAM of 1 GB and memory of 8 GB is on a par with other phones in its price range. Fortunately you can boost to a maximum of 64 GB with a micro SD card.

The Android inside is the 4.4 KitKat gives an average performance, where as better performance could make it for its other failings.

Same old Camera

Samsung did not bother to upgrade the cameras from the Ace 3, and that detracts from the over all impact of the Ace 4. Whilst the camera was just about adequate for the Ace 3 it means that the Ace 4 is too far behind its counterparts in terms of quality,

A 5 megapixel camera simply does not cut it in phones of this price range anymore. Perhaps Samsung will learn their lesson in time for the next version.

4G Connections Available

The Ace 4 does connect to 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, as well as bluetooth.

Battery Problems

The battery for the Ace 4 is a real let down, it lacks power, and its life is too short. If you are lucky you may get 11 hours use out of a full charge. For people that have to constantly use their phones it would too unreliable.

Conclusion – spend money on something better

Perhaps Samsung designed this phone in too much of a hurry, they certainly did not seem to spend too much on developing it either. The screen is not sharp enough, the camera is not up to the job, and the battery life is too limited. To be honest you would be better spending your money on the Motorola, Sony, and LG models in the same price range.

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